Providing GRSE’s Test Facilities to Private Entities

1. Test facility:

The list of test facilities which can be made available to private entities for testing of materials /sub-systems / equipment are as per the list (Annexure ‘A’) and the List of Nodal Officers to facilitate this activity is available in Annexure ‘B’

2. Registration of private entities for use of test facilities:

A private entity already registered in company`s Approved Vendor Directory (AVD) can directly avail the test facilities as per the procedure. The credentials / track record of a new private entity shall submit the following documents:

  • Company Profile
  • Income Tax returns for last 3 years
  • Audited balance sheet / P&L Statement for last 3 years
  • PAN / TIN

The verification will be carried out by the company.

3. Procedure to avail the test facilities by a private entity:

  • A registered private entity shall submit the end use certificate, Non disclosure declaration form along with the Test facility request
  • The items / sub systems meant for defence applications will only be tested
  • The Nodal agency in respective GRSE unit will study the technical specs of the test to be carried out
  • The slot availability along with quote will be communicated to private entity in case the available test facilities are capable of meeting the technical requirements
  • The private entity shall place a Service Order including acceptance of payment terms as per the quote and handover the job at the GRSE Premises to carry out the test(s)
  • The test(s) will be carried out as per standard procedures by GRSE Personnel only
  • The test reports along with the job will be handed over to the private entity

4. General terms & conditions:

  • The test services to private entities will be made available, only in case of spare capacity, over and above meeting the internal needs.
  • All transportation of job (including loading / unloading) from / to GRSE`s testing premises is the responsibility of the private entity
  • Personnel from private entities to produce proof of Identity / authorization letter.
  • Inspection of the job will be done by security staff before moving the job to / from GRSE premises
  • The testing charges are fixed at nominal rates taking into account all direct & setup costs (generally on hourly basis) (Annexure 'A')
  • The Hourly Rate indicated in the list, are for Budgetary purpose only. The rates may vary and the actual rates will be indicated in the quote, furnished by the respective units
  • The test charges are applicable for standard test procedures. In case of any additional tests, charges will be suitably modified depending on the job specifications
  • Applicable charges are exclusive of VAT / Service / other taxes
  • For cancellation of allotted slot, 25% of the testing charges will be forfeited
  • GRSE will not be responsible for loss / damage to the equipment / instrument while carrying out the test(s)
  • If any damage occurs to equipment / property / personnel resulting from the testing of the job of private entity, the private entity should bear the expenses in repair / replacement of the facility. All necessary insurance coverage for the job shall be the responsibility of the private entity