GRSE's Rajabagan Dockyard or RBD is spread across 31.15 acres with a 550-meter open river front in Kolkata and is capable of pre-launh activities of up to five ships that are 105 meters to 205 meters in length at the same time. RBD can also undertake post-launch outfitting of up to four ships at one time at its two River Side Jetties. The facilities at RBD include three dry docks that can accomodate ships requiring draft of up to 4 meters. The Dockyard also has two inclined berth/slipways.

RBD has also emerged as a fabrication hub for Block Preparation for under contruction ships. The facility is equipped with CNC Plasma (Under Water) Plate Cutting Machine to cut through 65 mm Carbon Steel, 30 mm Stainless Steel and 50 mm Aluminium Plates as well as Blasting Machines with capacity of 30 Plates per 1,500 sq meters.

The Dockyard has various workshops such as Ship Building Shop with two bays with a total area of 1,100 square meters and two Block Fabrication Complexes. Block Fabrication Complex - I can produce four block simultaneously within an area of 90 meters X 30 meters. The Block Fabrication Complex - II can produce two blocks simultaneously in an area of 55 meters X 27 meters. These facilities have four EOT cranes of 25 TON capacity each(Two cranes in each BFC).

RBD also has Fitting, Pipe, Carpentary and Machine Shops, two Industrial Stores, Steel Stock Yard, Scrap Yardand a Weigh Bridge. It has adequate utility services, fire and medical facilities and accomodation for CISF personnel.

CNC Plasma
Modern Hull Shop
Rajabagan Dockyard - Image 1
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