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GRSE shipbuilding division consist of the construction of vessels for clients engaged in the defence sector shipping industry. Vessels built by GRSE include frigates, anti-submarine warfare corvette, missile corvette, landing ship tank, landing craft utility, survey vessel, fleet replenishment tanker, fast patrol vessel, offshore patrol vessel, inshore patrol vessel, WJ-FAC, hover craft and fast interceptor boat.

Vast majority of the products GRSE manufactures are supplied to Central and State Governments and entities owned and controlled by such Governments. Significant majority of the company's revenues are derived from sales of shipbuilding products to the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard.

In addition to the aforesaid shipbuilding products, GRSE has also supplied various boats, pontoons, barge, sailing dinghy, fishing trawler, fire float, tug, dredger, passenger ferry, motor cutter, deck whaler, launch etc. to various customers over the years.

Brief descriptions of GRSE shipbuilding products are specified below:

Anti Submarine Warfare Corvette
Missile Corvette
Landing Ship Tank
Landing Craft Utility
Survey Vessel
Fleet Replenishment Tanker
Offshore Patrol Vessel
Inshore Patrol Vessels and Fast Patrol Vessel
Fast Attack Craft
Hover Craft
Fast Interceptor Boat