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GRSE's "Make In India" Cell

We have an advantage over global shipyards in securing contracts to build vessels for the Indian Navy and Coast Guard because we qualify for the Make in India initiative under the DPP. The Make in India initiative grants indigenous manufacturers a competitive advantage when supplying to the domestic market. The MoD has given the highest priority to Indigenously Designed, Developed and Manufactured (“IDDM”) products for capital procurement. Our valued customers, the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard, constitute part of the domestic market and are therefore, required to give us preference over global shipyards in certain circumstances. As part of the Make in India initiative, internally we have put in considerable efforts in increasing the percentage of indigenization over the last few years. We have made significant progress in indigenization of our products in terms of value of production during the last year.

Shipbuilding Work Outsourced to Indian Industry
Imported Equipment / Material Proposed for Indigenous Development
List of Items for Indigenisation
Nodal Officer to be contacted for Outsourcing
Nodal Officer to be contacted for Import Substitution / Indigenous Development