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Our fast interceptor boats are indigenously designed having a tonnage of 5T and 12T. These can be used as day/ night surveillance-cum-investigation vessel, which operate in shallow water for coastal policing, anti-smuggling, fishery protection and search and rescue operations. As of the date of this RHP, we have built and delivered eighty-eight (88) (58 numbers of 12 tonnes and 30 numbers of 5 tonnes) fast interceptor boats to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India for coastal security.

In addition to the aforesaid shipbuilding products, we have also supplied various boats, pontoons, barge, sailing dinghy, fishing trawler, fire float, tug, dredger, passenger ferry, motor cutter, deck whaler, launch etc. to various customers over the years.

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Last Reviewed and Updated on 26 October 2021

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