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Our engine production division at DEP supplies and overhauls MTU 396-04; MTU 4000; MTU 1163; and MTU 538 class diesel engines. Recently, we modernized the assembly and testing facilities for marine engines unit at DEP which involved an investment of around ₹100 million. In the wake of the overhaul, a service partner agreement was signed with MTU (India) for undertaking W6 routines of MTU 4,000, MTU 538 and MTU 396 series engines. We also have a license agreement with MTU Germany for semi knocked down assembly of MTU 12V/ 16V 4000M90 engines and production of certain engine parts.

As per our DEP is concerned, GRSE in partnership with MTU, has entered into several arrangements including transfer of technology and licensing for the production of high-speed and high-power to weight ratio diesel-engines for the naval vessels. In collaboration with MTU, our company has also supplied over one 149 engines of various configurations for marine applications and has also carried out overhaul and repair of over 81 engines of various series. Additionally, we are in the process of indigenizing around 60% of engine parts over the next four to five years, under the “Make in India” program.

In another interesting development, in October 2017 we have entered into a MoU with an engine manufacturer to develop engines for marine applications. The scope of collaboration is to produce diesel engines for diesel alternators used in marine applications for clients like Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, inland waterways, boats of MHA, etc. The vessels in the range of 50-500 kW are built by us with the aim towards self-reliance and to promote “Make in India” initiatives. Most of our engines are supplied to the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard.


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Last Reviewed and Updated on 23 September 2021

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