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The Integrity Pact embodies an agreement between the prospective vendor/ bidder and the buyer committing the persons/ officials of both the parties not to exercise any corrupt influence on any aspect of the contract. Only those vendors/ bidders, who have entered into such an Integrity Pact with the buyer GRSE, would be competent to participate in bidding with GRSE, wherever the value of each contract is Rs 2 crores and above.

This Pact is a preliminary qualification for entering into any contract with GRSE. The Pact will be effective from the stage of Invitation of Bids till the complete execution of the Contract.

The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has approved Shri Girish Shankar, IAS (Retd.) and Shri R Kuppan, IRSME (Retd.) as Independent External Monitors (IEM) to oversee the implementation of the Integrity Pact

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Last Reviewed and Updated on 23 September 2021

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