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      Invitation for Investors - Analyst Conference Call - Reg 30

      Notice of Board Meeting for Quarter ended 30 Jun 2019 results - Qt1

      Result of Postal Ballot

      Intimation of Closure of Trading Window - 1st Quarter

      RPT Disclosure for the Half Year ended 31 Mar 2019

      Postal Ballot Form with instructions

      Postal Ballot Notice dated 29 May 2019

      Notice of Board Meeting for Annual Audited Financial Results for the quarter and year ended 31 Mar 2019

      Corp Ann_GRSE awarded Contract for (08) ASSWC - 29 Apr 2019

      Disclosure - Fund raising by LC - 31 Mar 2019

      Intimation of Closure of Trading Window - 19 Apr 19

      Annual Disclosure under SEBI SAST_31.03.2019 - GRSE

      Compliance Certificate - Share Transfer Facility Reg 7(3) HY ended 31 Mar 19 - GRSE

      Announcement under Regulation 30 of SEBI (LODR) Regulations. 2015 - GRSE is First Indian Shipyard to Deliver 100 Warships

Outcome of Board Meeting Interim Dividend and Record Date

      Notice of Board Meeting for Interim Dividend and Record Date_ Reg 29

      Intimation about revised Insider Trading Code under SEBI PIT Regulations 2015 w.e.f 01 Apr 2019

      Authorisation of WTD CS for Dertermination of Materiality of Events_Reg 30

      Corporate Announcement_Contract Signing for Survey vessels

      Notice of Board Meeting for Q3 results_Reg 29

      Notice of Board Meeting Reg 29

      Press Release - Contract Signing -SVLs

      Corporate Announcement - Appointment of RTA



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