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"Eradicate Corruption- Build a New India" ( "भ्रष्टाचार मिटाओ – नया भारत बनाओ")
"Participate in the fight against corruption, take on line Integrity Pledge, log into "
Contact Defence Investor Cell, Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence, Government of India
GRSE has registered on TReDS (Trade Receivable Discounting System) Platform for Bill Discounting of MSME Vendors  as per GoI. Directive.
All MSME Vendors may contact M/s A.TReDS Ltd. for availing the benefit of Bill Discounting.
Contact Person:  Shri Mithilesh Kumar Jha - 09836953636 / Shri Rudra Nag -09163988780


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Last Reviewed and Updated on 22 May 2019

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